Help Save The Wetlands at the Headwaters of The Little Wekiva River

The Headwaters of the Little Wekiva River are in danger of being destroyed in an upcoming plan to build several structures and 16 tennis courts over this vital ecosystem located near John Young Parkway and Princeton Ave. The City of Orlando is proposing to build a recreational center on these wetlands.

This area is the last undeveloped wetlands protecting the headwaters to the Little Wekiva River and is listed a Tier 1 Protected Wetlands.Wetlands are the kidneys of Florida’s water. This unique wetland filters the water that flows into the Little Wekiva River, provides flood protections to the nearby community, and is home to a diverse ecosystem for wildlife.

We need your help to ask our elected officials to protect these vital wetlands by stopping these destructive projects.

Instead, we can bring the community together by preserving the wetlands with an educational park and trails to teach about the importance of this ecosystem.

Please sign the petition and let our public officials you don’t want these wetlands at the Headwaters of the Little Wekiva River destroyed.

Protect these wetlands at the headwaters of the Little Wekiva River for future generations.

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